Hmmm! Cute things to do for your boyfriend!!! There are so many things that you girls can do for that special one, and see him smile that cute smile of his. Here are some cute things that you can do in order to make his day really special.

Feel that the romance in your relationship is frizzling out? Do not feel that spark anymore whenever you are together? It’s time that you bring back that spark in your relationship by doing those cute things for your boyfriend. Giving flowers or taking him out for dinner, yes they are romantic, but why not try out something new, something that he will cherish? Here are some cute things to do for your boyfriend as well as romantic things to do for your boyfriend.

Cute Things to Do for Him

Doing things for your boyfriend in order to make him happy, does not necessarily mean that you have spend lot’s behind expensive gifts. Sometimes the simplest and the cutest of the things that you do for him, means more than those expensive gifts. The list of sweet things to do for your boyfriend given here, will make things easier for you.

Go for a walk on the beach specially on a full moon night.

Kiss him and tell him that you love him when he is least expecting it. And when you tell him that you love him, mean it and do not say because you have to (Here are some sweet things to say to your boyfriend).

For once, just go to a quite spot and watch the sunset together. Do not forget to hold hands.

Cook dinner for him. As they say, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Make him his favorite meal and then enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner at home.

Do something exciting. Go bungee jumping with him and then have someone below hold up a card saying ‘I love you’ and then show that to him. Here are some fun things to do with boyfriend.

Dedicate songs to him on the radio. Make it a point to dedicate some of his favorite songs.

After he comes home from work, give him a long massage, prepare a nice warm bath and get everything ready to make him feel relaxed.

Buy some paper and crayons and draw a colorful picture of two stick humans holding hands and smiling and mark who is who and then in a small heart write ‘I love you’ and then put this in an official envelope and mark it urgent. When he opens it thinking it’s official, the drawing is going to make his day.

Join a dance class together. You can learn his favorite dance.

When he leaves for work, see him off and then immediately send him a mail saying ‘Miss you already’, That will be the first thing that he sees when he reaches work.

Get two basketball tickets for both of you and at half time when the score board shows “Happy Birthday Jake..I love you..Jane” try not to miss the look of joy on his face when he sees that. These are some cute things to do for your boyfriend on his birthday.

Get up early one day and watch the sunrise. It’s a great experience watching the birth of a new day with your boyfriend. This is a great thing to do with your boyfriend.

Put your hand on his waist, squeeze it tightly and tell him that you love him.

Before he goes to take a bath, write I love you or any romantic message on the mirror.

Arrange with the florist to send him flowers every hour.

Go out for a picnic, just the two of you. You can also play some romantic songs and dance to it.

Does he love dogs or cats? This Christmas surprise him by gifting him a pet of his choice.

Send him a text after every few hours telling him how much you love him or how much he means to you (you can take the help of some cute messages to send to your boyfriend).

Ask your boyfriend’s family what was it that he wanted ever since he was a kid and then gift him that. He will not only love the gift, but also the fact that you took the trouble of finding out what he wanted most in his life.

Kiss his hair and the nape of his neck. Guys love that specially when they have just got back from a hard day at work.

Learn a foreign language and coo to him something sweet in that language. He will love that (of course, if he understands it).

Ever so lightly, kiss his jaw bone, his collarbone and then whisper the 3 little words.

Cuddle up together one cold night, under the blanket and watch some romantic flicks.

There are also some cute things to make for your boyfriend such as a handmade card stuck with both of your pictures, a photo frame with a picture of both of you together and various other things that you feel like making for him (check out some of the creative gift ideas for your boyfriend).

You now have an idea about the cute things to do for your boyfriend. Follow these relationship advice for women.The smile on his face will be priceless, when he realizes how much you love him and how much you care about him. It’s not necessary that every time it’s your boyfriend who has to get the flowers and the chocolates and take you out for dinner. Sometimes if you do it, he will surely love it.